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Level Design

Digital environments lovingly hand-crafted for your enjoyment.




Team Fortress 2 Classic is a community driven modification for Team Fortress 2 which aims to create a new and unique gameplay experience within the Team Fortress universe.

My Role On The Team

I am currently the level-design lead for Team Fortress 2 Classic. My position requires me to coordinate and manage the mapping team, liaise with other parts of the team for additional assets, and design multiplayer-oriented levels to be shipped with the mod.




PL Tanker is a single-stage map for the Payload gamemode of Team Fortress 2 originally created during the 2015 Winter Special 72hr Mapping Contest, in which it won third place. It is still in development.

Development Run-down

The initial challenge in developing Tanker was creating a decent version of it within a 72 hour timespan. During the contest I managed to develop five alpha versions of the map. This process required extensive planning as well as rapid prototyping and iteration, both influenced by play-testing and interaction with real players.

Graphic Design

Logos, lettering, the works. Created quickly and efficiently for my clients.

Auric Conglomerate Logo

I was commissioned by the owner of the Auric Conglomerate, a Steam group, to create a logo for them to use in various locations. As I developed the logo I often bounced back and forth with the commissioner to get frequent opinion updates so that I could most accurately produce a desired result.

Various Assets

As a staff member of it has many times been my job to design 2D assets for the site. Including the site’s current logo, rank badges, various front-page news banners and promotional material.

Circuitfry Logo

Musician and programmer, Circuitfry, asked me to design him a new logo for his alias. Designed relatively quickly, my goal in this design was to capture the feeling and vibe of his music.

UEAKCrash Livestream Layout

A friend and associate of mine, Crash, needed a layout for his Twitch.TV stream. I worked quickly with him and rapidly built a layout which suited his unique and varying streaming needs.

Auditis Logo

Musician friend Auditis needed a logo to match his alias. I was given a rough-concept idea of what he wanted and expanded upon his existing idea to create a simple yet impressive logo.